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Published on Aug 29, 2013


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"[Being no coincidence that once you walk through the doors at Kalahari Resorts, you're transported to a world away. All the theming throughout the resorts can't simply be bought, it takes a group of 5[sic] (as of video date) guys to create the family-friendly world-away experience you have come to know and love. Go behind the scenes with Kalahari Manufacturing.]"

Uploaded on Sep 3, 2008

Created for "un-bear-able" an installation by Drew Schmidt for the 407 Gallery at UW-Green Bay, week of Sept. 29 - Oct. 04, 2008.

an installation by drew schmidt

artist statement
After years and years of hiding my past from the world, i've decided to unveil my haunting past. When I was about 7, my parents got divorced; this had a dramatic effect on my life. I was a violent and depressed child and this installation tries to capture the raw emotional out-cry that was my childhood life. I always tried to cover up what was going on and pretend like everything was fine... this in essence being a facade of lies and deception. on the inside i felt alone and broken. This installation is an essay on the inner turmoil and the battle dealing with everyday life as a young child.

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